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So I was really bored and decided to have a look on Google for any Dykeenies stuff I hadn't seen yet as it normally turns up some good stuff/at least one thing I haven't read before.. I found three I hadn't read but I saw this one and thought I'd share, it made me go AWWWWWWW so badly.

Brian (22) on Andy

I've still got the scar from when Andy hit me when we were wee and we shared a room – he thumped a punchbag and it hit me in the face. I was singing in bed at the time and it was annoying him, so he took a swing at me.

It was cool growing up with him, though, and I've got him to thank for getting me into music. His generation grew up in the luxury of Britpop. He was a massive Oasis fan so I had all that influence as a kid. I started out in one band and Andy in another, but we weren't happy so we got together with Alan (my eldest brother), John Kerr and Steven Ramsay to form The Dykeenies.

At the beginning Andy and I would tiptoe around each other, but writing songs has brought us closer. In fact, of all the band members, Andy is my favourite to write with – we just gel and things happen so quickly when we're together. Maybe it's because we're opposites: I'm the pessimist, writing dark stuff, and he's the optimist, lightening it up. He's an inspiration, really – he's always coming up with new ideas.

Rehearsing together every day and writing songs together most nights means we know each other's moods and habits. It irritates me sometimes the way he won't move on if someone has wound him up. He just can't let it go.

We have a lot of fun touring, but I do have to watch Andy. He has a tendency to wander off when he's had one or two – I once found him crashed out on the floor of our hotel lobby.

I always had this idea that I'd be in a band and we'd make it big, but I worried about how people would interpret our music and whether we were good enough. Andy was much more sunny-side up. That's him all over: calm, collected and nearly always keeping his head.

Andy (24) on Brian

Brian has always had this amazing voice. Ever since we were kids, Brian has sung from the moment he wakes to the moment he goes to bed. I used to tell him to stop; now I just leave him and let people stare. He's not even aware he's doing it.

The band came about when Brian, Alan and I reached an age where we were mature enough to get on better than when we were kids. We got to know each other better through music.

I'm protective of Brian but I don't really need to be. He's bigger than me for a start. He has really driven us as a group. He always wants to be number one: if we're second, we've as good as lost in his mind. I found that hard when we started out, as I'd never played bass before and I struggled to get us as good as Brian wanted us to be.

The band isn't just a pastime to him, it's his life. He gets really riled by the business side of things and he can really lose it – he once threw a keyboard at me. We do argue, especially on tour when we're in each other's faces. I'll wind him up on purpose, just to cause a row. We also disagree when writing songs. Brian often understates his melodies. "That's a chorus," I'll say, and he'll argue it's not strong enough. We come up with great stuff, though.

It does sicken me a bit that Brian makes any clothes look good. He's got the right frame and this mass of hair. He's now working the smart look while I'm the messy one.

When I was younger I always wanted to be in a band with Brian as the singer, and working with my family makes me feel safe. If the band ever split, that would be it for me. I don't think I'd ever be in another band without Brian.

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