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thedykeenies's Journal

The Dykeenies Love You!
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In the words of Brido himself:
"The Dykeenies Began Lightyears ago in a place far from here. A hazardous domain named Spunksridgeville...A sunny but dark quadrant in a long lost galaxy known as Bummud. Brian, Alan & Andrew where dropped from the same Tree, and as mavericks and genuine top blokes they saved Steven from Daily bummings down in Delroys Dungeon...Where simultaneously John Made the Tea’s...Somehow Steven did’nt initially want to leave but when told of the Joys of Scotland and its Ratio of men to women he eagerly Packed up and we all went on a voyage in search for more...This took Us to Cumbernauld where we embarked on many an adventure...The Story Began."

And I couldn't put it any better than that tbh.

The Dykeenies @ MySpace.
The Dykeenies @ Last.fm.

Oh yeah.
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