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Stitches // Tour dates!!!

Got it wrong - Stitches is out on the 10th of September. Whatever, I know you'll all be buying it anyway unless you want your leg chopped off or your eyes to fall out or something. RIGHT.

I'm pleased to bring news of NEW TOURDATESSSS.

18th September - Cavern, Exeter
19th September - Water Rats, London
21st September - The Forum, Tunbridge Wells
22nd September - Barfly, Brighton
23rd September - Rock City, Nottingham
24th September - Barfly, Liverpool
26th September - The Sugarmill, Stoke (LOLOL FUCK YES)
27th September - QMU, Glasgow
28th September - Moshulu, Aberdeen
29th September - Digital, Newcastle
30th September - The Cockpit, Leeds
1st October - Barfly, Cardiff

I shall be at Glasgow, and possibly Aberdeen. *crosses fingers and prays etc*

Try Ticketmaster / Ticketweb / Aloud / Gigs and Tours etc for tickets.

::Kat:: xx ♥
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